November 21


Two FREE Amp SIM Plug-ins For Metal & Rock

By Keith Livingston

November 21, 2022

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ML Sound Lab: Amped Stevie T (Djent God), & Amped Roots (5034 Fluff)

Recently, I ran across a couple of free guitar amp SIM plug-ins that have decent metal and rock sounds, so I thought I'd share them and give a quick demo.

Both the Stevie T and Amped Roots have one free amp model included, and they're pretty good! You can download and use the free models permanently, without limitation, to help you record your songs. If you try to use the other amps, you'll get a license screen.

I approve of this marketing method. It's smart. You get to see the quality of the guitar amp plug-ins and try them out without annoying beeps or interruptions in the sound.

Amped Stevie T: Djent God

Djent God Amp SIM

Amped Stevie T has a free model called Djent God. Djent God has 4 amps (only Djent God is free) and five presets. Included are 4 amp cabinet IRs. Stevie T is not modeled after a particular boutique amp.

Amped Stevie T Amps

These are the 4 available amp models in the Amped Stevie T plug-in. Djent God is the free amp.

Djent God Presets

Djent God includes 5 presets.

Djent God Pedal Board

Also included is a virtual pedal board with a noise gate, drive pedal, delay and reverb.

Djent God Front Panel Controls

Set your input so that your input light (next to the input control) is green sometimes. If you want to clean up the sound a bit, lower the input. The 'FX' switch turns off the pedal board. The 'cab' engages or disengages the IR section.

Djent God Conrols

Djent God Speakers

Djent God comes with 4 IRs, or you can load up your own. These can change the guitar sound quite a bit, so experiment.

Djent God IRs

Amped Roots 5034 Fluff

Roots 5034 Model

Similar to the Djent God, Amped Roots has 4 amps, the 5034 being a free amp model. But make no mistake, this is a real amp -- not a watered-down, limited version of a plug-in.

5034 Fluff Controls

Amped Roots Controls

Standard controls here: Input, Gain, Low, Mind & High controls, as well as a Volume, and final Output.

Roots Pedal Board

The Amped Roots Plug-in comes with noise gate, compressor, drive, chorus, delay, and reverb pedals. 

I didn't notice until just now how the waveform graphics on the pedals, show what the effect does. Cool!

Amped Roots Cabinet Controls

The cabinet controls here are extensive and useful. It's a dual speaker setup, with 3 speakers included on each side. You can load your own IRs, too. Mix and match. The red arrow shows where to select your speaker model. With the control under the yellow arrow, you can choose the mix between your two speakers.

As for mics, you can choose between a 57, two ribbon mics, and a 421, if you follow the green arrow. And you can grab the microphone (blue arrow) and change mic positions.

This is a lot, for a free amp SIM!


Download both SIMs at ML Sound Lab.

Stevie T


The way both of these work is that you download the entire product and have immediate access to the free amp model in each. If you want the other, paid amps that come in the products, just load one of them up, and it will give you a license screen.

Keith Livingston

About the author

Keith Livingston started recording his own music in the late '70s, on a 4-track. He worked his way into live sound and studio work as an engineer -- mixing in arenas, working on projects in many major studios as a producer/engineer, and working in conjunction with an independent label.

He taught audio engineering at the Art Institute of Seattle, from 1990-1993, and in '96, contributing to authoring several college-level courses there.

He was General Manager of Радио один (Radio 1) in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Now he spends his time recording his own songs wherever he roams, and teaching others to do the same.

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