Help For Independent Musicans

How to get quality home recordings,  arrangement tips, mixing, mastering, and  software tutorials.
Learn the basics of running a music business, profitably selling your recordings, getting live gigs, streaming, and merch.
Defeat overwhelm, focus, set goals, and practice effectively.

You're An Independent Musician, & You Have Too Much To Do

You might have to . . .

  • Write songs
  • Arrange songs
  • Market
  • Rehearse
  • Shoot a music video
  • Add tags to your MP3s
  • Make social media posts
  • Get your music on Spotify
  • Get a license for a cover 
  • Master a track
  • Get better at your instrument
  • And lots more . . .

It's A Lot, I Can Help

I'm Keith Livingston, and I'm a musician and songwriter, too. I've also been a producer, recording engineer, I've run a radio station, worked for a record label, and I've been running internet businesses for more than 20 years.

Plus, I've been a therapist :-)

In short, if you're running into a challenge, I've probably been there, and you can tap in to my knowledge, right here, right meow.

Save Time & Money, Lose The Frustration

My goal is to keep you from having to reinvent the wheel, or spend hours searching for how to get a good guitar sound, or promote a gig. Our time is valuable, and we can't waste it. We need to spend that time writing, practicing, and perfecting our craft, not to mention putting the kids to bed and working for a living.

So, whenever I run into a new guitar recording technique, struggle with a vocal and find a technique that works, see a music advertisng method with promise, or find an arrangement hack that adds zest to a tune, I make a tutorial on it and share it with you.

I'm also in music marketing and recording forums and groups all day, and I see the questions that get asked, over and over. When I get the chance, I make a comprehensive tutorial as an answer to those common questions.

So, although the workload is heavy, we're going to focus on the essentials, and make some real headway in our careers.


About Keith Livingston

Keith Livingston

Keith Livingston is a musician, producer, recording engineer, songwriter, and internet marketer. He spends much of his time writing, arranging and producing music, and thinking about the best way to get it out there!

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