Rhythm Section: Instant, Free, & Already Mixed

How To Get Your FREE, Pre-mixed Rhythm Section, For REAPER

  • Download and install SSD5.
  • Download and install Ample Bass P Lite II.
  • From REAPER: Options > 'Show REAPER resource path in explorer/finder'. Copy that path and save it somewhere. You'll need that information later.
  • Download ReaPack for your OS and drop it into the 'UserPlugins' directory of the path you just copied. In other words, if your resource path is C:UsersYOUR USER NAMEAppDataRoamingREAPER, put the ReaPack file in C:UsersYOUR USER NAMEAppDataRoamingREAPERUserPlugins
  • Download my 'Bass & Drum Template' and put it in the 'TrackTemplates' folder in your REAPER directory. Mine is C:UsersMY USER NAMEAppDataRoamingREAPERTrackTemplates

ReaPack & Plug-ins Quick Installation:

  • Close and restart REAPER.
  • From REAPER: Memory > Default menu: Main extensions > ReaPack > Manage Repositories -- check everything available and click OK.
  • Restart REAPER
Manage Repositories

Manage Repositories

To Use Your New Rhythm Section

  • Right-click in the Track Control Panel and select 'Templates' and then 'Bass & Drum Template'
  • Collect your Grammy (optional)


You Can Get SSD 5 Here . . .



Get the fully-functioning, never-expiring SSD 5.5 demo with one incredible Deluxe 2 Kit, as well as a Classic “mix-ready” processed Slate snare, and three unique kit presets including “Deluxe 2 Free”, “Hugo”, & “Dry n’ Tight” for FREE.

You can get Ample Bass P Lite from . . . 

Ample Bass P II Lite

Ample Bass P II Lite

About the author

Keith Livingston

Keith Livingston started recording his own music in the late '70s, on a 4-track. He worked his way into live sound and studio work as an engineer -- mixing in arenas, working on projects in many major studios as a producer/engineer, and working in conjunction with an independent label.

He taught audio engineering at the Art Institute of Seattle, from 1990-1993, and in '96, contributing to authoring several college-level courses there.

He was General Manager of Радио один (Radio 1) in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Now he spends his time recording his own songs wherever he roams, and teaching others to do the same.

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