May 25


Nobody Gives A Rat’s Ass About Your Music

By Keith Livingston

May 25, 2016

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Yesterday, a band called Geometric Penguin release a new CD. Do you want it?

I’m guessing not. You don’t know who Geometric Penguin is, and you don’t care about them. In my newsfeed, I see 3 or 4 CD release notifications, live show promotions, or “Support my Kickstarter campaign” items a day. Most of them, I don’t even look at twice.

That’s how most people are looking at your stuff when you post to social media, send press releases, or do any other kind of promotion. Nobody gives a rat’s ass about your music. Well, not nobody. Your mom might give you a thumbs up — and a few of your friends.

Do You Write For Your Friends?

And that’s who most musicians write for — their friends. Somebody who knows you really well will click on something, or like it, just because it’s you. Especially the first few times. So, you see announcements such as, “Geometric Penguin has released their debut CD. Come check it out, guys; we’ve worked really hard on it.” But why would anyone who doesn’t know the band want to click? What’s in it for them?

And that’s a really valuable attitude to take, when you’re announcing live shows and music releases. Ask yourself, what’s in it for someone reading, who doesn’t know you that well. What are they going to get out of the experience of listening to your music, or going to your show, or supporting your Kickstarter? That’s what you want to promote!

Are You Experienced?

Think of it this way. You’re not promoting your music. You’re promoting an experience. And you’re promoting it to people who are passionate about that kind of experience. You’re promoting the experience of listening to your music, going to your show, or contributing to your campaign.

Dark, proud, and scornful, Geometric Penguin’s new release, ‘Her Majesty’s Secret Cervix’, is a brain-crushing journey through the gloomy realms of the human psyche. Click here for a free taste — and say goodbye to your sanity.”

“Need fun? Uninvited Marble plays the Dump Tavern on Friday, with tons o‘ good-time ska, to get your heart pumping and your feet moving. Join us Friday night at 7pm, and have a blast.”

See how that works?


Keith Livingston

About the author

Keith Livingston started recording his own music in the late '70s, on a 4-track. He worked his way into live sound and studio work as an engineer -- mixing in arenas, working on projects in many major studios as a producer/engineer, and working in conjunction with an independent label.

He taught audio engineering at the Art Institute of Seattle, from 1990-1993, and in '96, contributing to authoring several college-level courses there.

He was General Manager of Радио один (Radio 1) in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Now he spends his time recording his own songs wherever he roams, and teaching others to do the same.

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